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 Leave the covering on for around 2/3 hours. After this time, you can wash your fresh tattoo gently with mild soapy Lukewarm water. Dab dry with clean kitchen roll to remove discharge and avoid using anything abrasive. 

You will notice some swelling and redness around the tattoo for the next couple of days. It can also become itchy and dry so using the correct aftercare balm (Usually given by a tattooist) apply 3 to 4 times a day until tub is empty.

when they use the balm to avoid sharing and double dipping and to wash hands before putting the aftercare balm on

Strictly no swimming/sunbed and keep out of direct sunlight until healed. Do not pick or Scatch. 

Whilst the tattoo is healing, please wear clean loose clothing. 

We advise covering the tattoo before you go to bed on the first night. 

If any of the tattoo colour is faded or comes off during or after the tattoo is healed/healing. please come back and let us know within 2 weeks so we can book you in for a free touch up. 

Please feel free to write a review on google business or Scorpion Inks facebook page as it will be very much appreciated.

Please clean your tattoo daily. Tips! Use lotion after your tattoo is healed to keep looking fresh. 

If you have any further questions,

please contact the shop! Thank you for coming to get your new tattoo with us and Enjoy!:D

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Piercing Aftercare 

You should clean your piercing once a day. Do not remove the jewellery in during cleaning. 

The jewellery should be left inside the piercing until it has completely healed. Removing and reinserting jewellery will irritate the piercing. As well, it risks having the piercing closing over if the jewellery is out for too long.

Start by washing your hands, then gently apply an antimicrobial soap to the entry and exit holes of the piercing. As well, clean any visible parts of the jewellery without pushing or pulling on it. Spend about 30 seconds cleaning working the soap into the area. 

Once thoroughly cleaned, rinse away all soap residue and pat dry with a paper towel or allow to air dry. Cloth towels can have bacteria on them and should be avoided.

Avoid over cleaning. If your piercer recommends cleaning once a day, do not exceed. Extra cleanings can dry out or irritate the piercing.